The journey from Southern Wisconsin to my new home in West Texas transitioned me from a landscape that envelops to one that exposes a person.  In this place red and golden flat plains are met on the distant horizon by an ever-expanding blue sky.  I felt separated from the landscape; I was now a feature on rather than of the land. This separation created an expanse which encouraged a critical evaluation of my relationship and potential impact on the environment. I operate within the metaphorical void, seeking to make visible the interconnectivity that exists within the ecosystem by utilizing biological materials as the liaison of truth.

I create sculptural objects, multimedia installations, and performative artworks that incorporates natural materials gathered from outdoor excursions.  Color, texture, and time are all central to my work. My restrictive color pallet of white, black and red refer to presence, absence, and the bodily life force.  This distillation offers a clarity of voice as I investigate the wonder that is existence.  As a ceramicist I utilize molds and slip dipping techniques as the means of mimicking natural organic matter. My dedication to reproducing texture is integral for the transformation of the auratic object into ceramic material, preserving its likeness for the foreseeable future.   

The direct interaction with the environment is integral to my artistic practice.  When surrounded by complex systems ranging from tropical forests, desert lands, or cityscapes the interplay of birth, growth, entropy and death becomes visible. My work considers relationships between permanence and impermanence, and ideas pertaining to interconnectivity and our corporeal passage through time.




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Photo by Alberto Careaga

Photo by Alberto Careaga