Dissemination Series

The iconic tumbleweed is a unique existence. When the plant reaches maturity, it disconnects itself from its roots so that it may tumble and spreed its seeds postmortum.

This series contemplates the relationship between ritual, relic, and transformation.


Burnt Offerings

By introducing absorbent unfired clay vessels into water the viewer willingly disintegrates the physical manifestation of their burden. The object is re-contextualized as it is absorbed into the participants living memory.


Mechanical Decay

I am interested in the process of becoming, states of being, and movement toward unbecoming and ultimate obliteration. These machines were created in consideration of the mechanics of entropy.


Segmented Deposit

Counter to objects losing their corporeality, Segmented Deposit features hundreds of fired ceramic vessels buried under layers of unfired clay which come into view through the aid of rain and the West Texas wind. This piece was initially inspired by the Pre- Formative peoples of Central America. Unmarked buried groupings of crafted objects and imported soils imbued the environment with spiritual energy . Segmented Deposit is a reminder that we are contently acting in consors with unknown forces.



What does it mean to have an embodied experience? This piece is an agglomeration of vales and membranes made of cast paper and ceramic.