As Above So Below

The modeled ceramic follows the path of glaucoma which is reveled as the ice melts. As the ceramic is exposed fissures break apart and the remnants are scattered. Much like the first big thaw of a Wisconsin Spring its the uncovering of the scent of seasons past.



Ceramic shards from three years of previous installations, performances and shattered objects were amalgamated in cast glass.


Horror Vaccui Series

Horror vaccui refers to the dislike or fear of emptiness. These vessel void-plugs are comprised of porcelain fired tumbleweed fused by glass, nestled within in a carbonized ball of newspaper.


Three Graces

scoby | Symbiotic colonie of bacteria and yeast | Mother

There is no muscle, no bones, no blood, it is the body entire. The scoby was grown and later dried on Tyvek.


Land Arts of the American West Field Study

“Land Arts of the American West at Texas Tech University, a transdisciplinary field program dedicated to expanding awareness of the intersection of human construction and the evolving nature of our planet.” Chris Taylor, Field Director

States traversed: Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah